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Enterprises appreciate

Enterprise Features

1.Hongbo Te 






2.Wholly-owned subsidarycompany

Colors Rare Earth Pgiment Company









Enterprise  Activities


1. Company First Debate Competition





2. company two groups

Security Department     


3. each department Chorus

Technology Center

Cerium workshop

Samarium workshop

Power overhaul

Testing Center

Ministry of Finance

Ministry of Trade


4. poetry recitation




   5. various outstanding selection

Science and Technology Invention Award   

Table tennis tournament of the top three

The top three billiard game

Outstanding cadres

Best newcomer, best advice, the best speech

Excellent team   

Best reported that the best translation, best original

Excellent staff

Second, performances



Opening dance (opener)

Funny dance

PiecesLittle Apple Dance

Funny Games 1

Funny Games 2 

Funny Games 3

 company demonstrated


Third, the company demonstrated