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Cooperation & Development

Cooperation Case

I. RE sulfide environmental pigment project

1.Successfully purchased advanced equipments and technologies

for production of cerium sulfide pigments from Solvay Group, France

2.Cooperation with Baotou Research Institute of Rare Earths

in aspect of RE sulfide environmental pigment techniques and facilities.

II.Other RE sulfide application projects

1.RE sulfide rubber additive project: technological cooperation with

testing authorities such as RE metallurgy laboratory of Inner Mogolia

University of Science and Technology and Kemai Chemical(Tianjin) etc.

2.RE sulfide monomer additive project: good technological cooperation

with R&D institutes in Russia

3.Pure cerium sulfide project: successfully researched and developed the

final product of pure cerium sulfide which is trying out by Japanese client

in high-end electric field.

III.Other Project Cooperation Case