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Ten News Bot Acer Technology Co., Ltd. 2014 Annual

Writer:企宣部Source:原创 Date:2015年12月28日 18:09

1, July 8, 2014, "2014 rare earth industry restructuring and upgrading of special funds" I declare - earth common key technologies and standards development construction projects - Green cerium sulfide pigment R & D projects on July 8 in China Ministry of information industry and the people's Republic of publicity, I approve this award two years in a row.

2 2014 June 15 to 18, I participated in the China Rare Earth Industry Association organized the meeting. Respectively, "China Rare Earth Industry Association executive director will be the first of six", "China Rare Earth Industry Association director-cum-first session of the three members of the General Assembly", "2014 International Conference on rare earth resources and markets", and was invited to make a report at the conference "Preparation and application of rare earth sulfides."

Leadership 3, July 8, 2014, deputy director of Nangang Industrial Zone Economic Development Bureau of Tianjin Economic and Technological Development Zone, the Environmental Protection Agency and Production Safety Supervision Bureau, Tianjin Farm Group and other leading line visit our company and discussion.

4, July 21, 2014, the company decided to study leadership, the company recently invested several hundred thousand dollars for a rare earth sulfide test center expansion project. The expansion, testing center area will reach 400 square meters, and many new advanced detection equipment. After the completion of the test center will be set chemical analysis, instrumental analysis as a whole, mainly for analysis of rare earth raw materials inspection, production inspection and product research and development of products application performance testing, my company has been supporting projects of rare earth sulfides R & D center.

5, 6 September 2014, according to the "Baotou Rare Earth High-Tech Industrial Development Zone enterprise technology innovation incentives" in the relevant regulations, the company was named "Company of the Year 2013 upgrade technology research and development center" and give 10 million yuan to support funding .

6 September 2014, the company authorized by the state utility model patents - intermittent high-temperature tube furnace atmosphere.

7, 11-13 November 2014, by the British Metal Events company organized 10th International Rare Earth Summit in Singapore and Shangri-La Hotel, more than 200 representatives from the world's major rare earth companies attended the event Baotou Wang Bot company was invited to report on the work at the conference "Preparation and application prospects of rare earth sulfides."

8, December 17, 2014, the company projects - "Green cerium sulfide pigment" Getting Baotou Municipal Science and Technology Progress Award.

9, October 9, 2014, (stock code 002002), vice president of Guangdong Hongda Industrial Group Company, Wuhai Chemical Corporation General Manager, Chief Executive Officer, Rare Earth Hi-tech Zone Assistant Director, Bureau of rare earth industry, rare earth Merchants, accompanied by the Secretary to visit my company.

10, December 30, 2014 morning, one of the six Chinese rare earth enterprises wholly owned subsidiary of Xiamen Tungsten Group Changting Jinlong Rare Earth Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager of his trio to visit our company, and matters of interest conduct negotiations.

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