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Macro Bot Technology Co., Ltd. an important speech on the 2014 year-end summary

Writer:企宣部Source:原创 Date:2015年12月28日 18:01

From: Company Enterprise Promotion Department

First, congratulations

    Central congratulate the company received sales awards, congratulated the project department, technology center, the Ministry of Finance to obtain commission award and congratulated the top ten company employees and elected team, I hope they do better, a higher level in 2015 (six months incentives) ; also we hope that other teams in the top ten employees and as an example, and constantly improve themselves, for the list in 2015!

Second, the review in 2014 we walked the streets

    2014 This year, we learned a lot, including HB --- Ten News, HBT --- Ten news, there are many other things can song praises, which turned it into the top ten selected content. Only the efforts of all employees pay in order to get more and greater achievements, they must be concerned about our own business. In addition to these, I think the most important thing there is "flat measure" --- institutionalized management; and external cooperation has laid a solid foundation, we welcome the "Jiangxi Tungsten cooperation," "Tianjin expansion '' Russia many opportunities for development opportunities ", as well as trade and Baotou Dr. Chu and land development, etc., from passive to active.

    These are all the work in 2014, so that all of you get exercise and learn how to grow the fastest growing in the work.

Third, the state form

(A) President Xi with the "four full" for our future path specified in China for 30 years, gives us hope.

1, building a moderately prosperous society, the goal (2020);

2, a comprehensive deepening reform measures;

3, the full rule of law and initiatives;

4, party members and cadres comprehensive remediation measures.

(B) External use "along the way", "Free Trade":

1, with a guide Sea Economic Zone (Ming Dynasty, Zheng He's seven voyages, creating a shocked the world sailing Albert), open up the Maritime Silk Road.

2, refers to the Silk Road. (Han pioneered, and West Asia - a region of the Persian Gulf countries in economic cooperation formed).

3, Kyrgyz and Europe are "road", the South Pacific, the Indian Ocean belongs to the "sea."

4, four free trade zone, "Shanghai, Tianjin, Guangdong, Fujian," keep their eyes open to see, what I have done so far and future made basically in "Take the road," we are entering " Guangdong, Tianjin "area.

Fourth, the company closely around the national strategy to develop its own "strategic" --- "a little line"

1 point: Take a rare earth-based science and technology innovation, others do not do something, to create a high-tech high value-added downstream products;

2, the line: from rare earth minerals to deep-processing products, formed a line industry, enhance the value of the company to achieve;

3 initiatives: full cooperation in the form of (domestic and foreign), excluding any cost, to achieve the company's strategy. Of course, stick to their innovative approaches and mechanisms is our principle. That is, the material civilization, spiritual civilization engage together to form our cultural ideas and innovative models. This requires us to the cadres to grow as soon as a "four" employee loyalty (with companies), competent (capable), Nazareth (there is a system), play (the responsibility), so as to incompetent.

Fifth, the 2015 work plan for the task

1, the production: production of pigments to achieve 10-15 tons, seven tons in the first half, the second half of 8 tons;

2, R & D:

1) on the big equipment and environmental protection equipment to clear models and prices;

2) in regard to size improvements, followed by improved chroma, PR-003 (how much improvement --- counsel given);

3) rubber additives, monocrystalline two projects must be clear direction for the work product direction, the direction of cooperation, to be ready to declare the project;

4) project application at least five, including national, provincial and municipal, urban level, and so on;

5) Patent 4-5 items, the implementation of specific head commissioner, there are plans to work content;

3, the market (HB + HBT) Target: 20 million yuan = + 18 million yuan profit of 200 million, the Guangdong region of target: 10 million yuan = 7,000,000 yuan +300 million for the new Third Edition standard;

4. Market Cooperation: Wang Tao, Ding Zhong Xiu, mainly in the process - this coating procedure cooperation contract has been signed, "going out --- please come in";

5, large cooperation are: Jiangxi Tungsten Group, Russia, Belarus, to do the preparatory work, the project, the EIA and the like;

6, internal political ideology and culture learning twice monthly, mainly on the cadres responsibilities. Red Tour ---- July trip "Jinggangshan", not to play, then a sightseeing tour in a profound experience about the hardships of the Communist Party, on the "Jinggangshan" poems certainly will be back. In the end of the year, "Sanya" annual meeting.

    Summary: 2015 Year of the Goat, the year of transition, saying three "sheep" Kai Tai, so we have to start comprehensive program of work, as long as the work of the various departments to develop a good, complete good, we can achieve great historic turning point; the we achieved ahead of schedule in 2020, or "off" a crucial year! Let us pass, to help it up together with the operating mode!

Another: the above work plan should be implemented sector, specific to the Commissioner.

    Finally, I wish a Happy New Year, good health, happiness, Ram Xingtai Yun!

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