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Work should be released "positive energy"

Writer:苏春雨Source:原创 Date:2015年7月16日 18:12

From: Company Market

        Speaking of "positive energy" of the word, now it has become a mantra. "Positive energy" not only gives a power to forge ahead and a strong self-motivated, but also a spiritual power. As a marketing officer Wang Bot, the face of the current economic situation, the kind of work should have positive attitude, have a kind of life of sun-like mentality. We need every employee to release "positive energy", this "positive energy" passed to us to work tirelessly and go all out to complete their own work force.
        Speaking of "positive energy", I think it can also be understood as a courage to take courage, as the "forge ahead, the courage to play" slogan. Development of an enterprise ever accompanied by setbacks and frustrations, always a development unit encountered all kinds of difficulties, but we are facing difficulties and setbacks, not buck-passing each other, twist pat heavy, preoccupied with personal interests , but we need every employee transfer "positive energy", solidarity, dedication, and work out of the woods.
        "Positive energy" to highlight the release of the "active", the initiative is an attitude of doing things, a principle of doing things. Initiative to think about their own what to do in order to better complete the tasks and objectives, and how to take practical action to promote the implementation of work, how can we make extraordinary deeds in the ordinary jobs. A "positive energy" who must be "reliable." What is reliable, it is responsible. No matter to what their job, can dutifully to complete, do not worry about the leadership, the ability to follow up the work they are responsible in the end, beginnings and ends.
      "Positive energy" to play also need to help care knowledge, if not the spirit of continuous learning is difficult to do business skilled, skilled professional, you can not serve as the object services, you will not be able to play at work "n energy". Especially in today's increasingly competitive knowledge economy, we want to ponder how to make their work better, work a little more thinking, more reflection, more love, more passion, with "positive energy" to bring to enhance the quality of their own, with "positive energy" to show our macro Bot style.

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