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There is no absolute weak

Writer:张文达Source:原创 Date:2015年7月20日 18:12

From: Company QC

        Survive in the cracks, to escape natural, innate ability is weak. Fresh meat may not be the weak strong, the opposite may be eroded strong meat, whether it is strong the weak must adapt to the environment in case of strong, weak, weak case is strong.

        On a sunny spring, an antelope eating grass in the river, just as it carried away when bad luck suddenly falls on its head a fierce lion being quietly from behind it came to it, under the panic, only a sideways antelope hide, escaped lion a flutter, it desperately ran away, appeared to catch up, which is appeared in front of a row of lush bushes, he jumped into the swift antelope bushes and began to deal with the Lions in the bush, which is the lion antelope opponent. A few rounds, the Lions had to look meat sigh, gas without looking back.

        Indeed, whether it is strong, it has a weak ability to adapt to the natural law, as long as you live carefully, not very concerned about their strong and weak, as long as you can find their own space capability to give full play to their strengths, until then, you will have the advantage to make up for your shortcomings, you will be able to get others hard quest can not get something.

        Weak often linked with small, because small, so weak in itself has a large part of the advantages, such as small and flexible, small but excellent, small but complete and the like. Small things are often easily overlooked, so why do not you take advantage of this favorable opportunity, secretly and gradually grow and develop. In nature, you may notice there is a class of climbing plants, they are good at the tall trees to survive in the cracks, giving himself to find a safe space.

        In fact, there is no absolute weak, weak because experiencing stronger than him, if you encounter a weaker than him, that he is as strong, if you are strong Do not be proud, because the people around you is weak, if you do not lose heart is weak, select brave face, as long as you have the confidence that one day you will become strong.

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