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Find the exit in times of hardship

Writer:贾琼Source:原创 Date:2015年7月24日 18:11

From: Corporate Finance

        Accidents will happen, people have always happens. The way of life is not always smooth sailing, we will inevitably encounter difficulties frustrating, even desperate life in the face of despair, a test of a person's faith, will, and affordability. Many people in good times can be high-spirited, to show their talents, once the setbacks, but it could easily collapse. Real strong is not flinch in the face of difficulties, the face of failure is not discouraged, desperate to shake before, caught failure can still see hope, can still see the light Night Language, see hope in hopeless, when trackless people can find a way out.

        There is no desperate situations, only desperate people. Losers than winners not inherently bad, but in the face of adversity, more winners than losers adhere to one minute, go one step forward, to think more about a problem. Thousands of years ago, I said, "Misfortune, blessing of the Forest; Fu Xi disaster of the V" was able to transform into each other between the good and bad fortune, is to have certain conditions, that is with optimism and support a never give up attitude plays. There is nothing, I believe that as long as a positive attitude, even if exposure to the plight, but also to find the exit for themselves.

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