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Reading "desire suffering" felt

Writer:史少华Source:原创 Date:2015年7月27日 18:10

From: Company Market

        Recently, I stop and read this article - "the desire of suffering." This is a quite rich philosophical implication of lyrical prose. On the stand over height of humanity, in the face of Tanggula snow, overlooking the long-lasting nature, overlooking the social life. On the natural and human, and the human ego, desire and calling misery. I can not help but think of his own company, from large to small environmental environment, it not always accompanied by suffering it? Because suffering gives a sober, gives a sense of mission. Although it may make a vigorous life or death in obscurity, but only by constantly overcome suffering, life will be shining, happy to fall to the side.

        Articles from Tanggula "Sesson fog barrier, luxuriant," the eternal nature caused more than 5000 meters above sea, showing a northern Tibet "Misery": the snow, the valley is filled with snow, the car is blocked. " wall a few days, I will be dead, cold and lack of oxygen. " And mostly desert wasteland, barren; even the prairie, "too little forage pitifully thin." Bad weather, a winter wind is a spring season, Feishazoudan, even bare the roots of the grass will "swept away"; Although the summer is the golden season, but the "green pastures but a month", during which also "when hail to visit. " After a summer that the winter, fall and this is missed. Winter snow is even worse, dead animal death. Usually about two hundred and fifty thousand square kilometers in northern Tibet's vast area, "but not the reality, like the Earth's South Pole North Pole." We live in a natural space, but also as nature, faces natural disasters, man-made, unfortunately, and many other personal suffering.

        Thus, the ancient and modern Chinese and foreign people with lofty ideals "Huaikang concern for the fate of the heart", sadness and livelihood of many difficulties, the human suffering a "cries of pain." The pain "willing to enrich every thought, feeling full of life", it is these lofty ideals "Life world power." As part of my macro Bot, also eager to suffering. As a new era of us, but should not be afraid of suffering, because suffering means abandon comfortable, "comfortable" just "the spirit and the time gaps."

        People should seek their own life the true meaning of suffering, so as to stand above all the suffering, really receive the gift of life, to get glory and happiness of life.

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