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The heart enlargement 1 mm

Writer:刘明月Source:原创 Date:2015年7月29日 18:10

From: Company Market

        There is a toothpaste factory, product quality, beautifully packaged, loved by customers, increasing turnover for 10 consecutive years, the annual growth rate of 10% to 20%. Available to the first 11 years, performance slows down, so after two years. Manager of the company held a high-level meeting to discuss countermeasures. Meeting, the president promised that: Who can come up with solutions to problems, so that the performance of the company's growth, rewarded 100,000 yuan. One young executive stood up and handed the president a note after reading the president immediately signed a check for 10 million gave the manager. On the note read: toothpaste will now expand opening 1 millimeter. Consumers in the morning every day the same length of extrusion toothpaste, opening expanded l mm, each of the more consumer packaging company to change immediately with 1 mm wide, toothpaste, daily consumption will be much more out of it!. The first 14 years, the company's turnover increased by 32%.

        Faced with changes in life, we are often accustomed to the past way of thinking. In fact, if you put heart enlargement 1 mm, you will see changes in life has its positive side, full of opportunities and challenges.

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