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There is no way to go to a place to leave your footprints

Writer:张文达Source:原创 Date:2015年9月7日 18:07

From: Company QC

Someone told me once said a word, "there is no way yet to go to a place, leave your footprints." Around a lot of people are still an intern, still did not graduate, after listening to me marvel at, but can not cover up the heart of envy when they still enjoy the infinite possibilities of life, I have an early start to work and live nine five life, see the future, will not be much of an accident, which is mostly peers to life, university, work, marry, have children .......

Everyone's life are the same, go in countless predecessors traveled road, many people are walking down the road. Even if this road is already crowded, or the courage Guairu trails.

Like the time a button to an age, the people around you will automatically open the "teacher" mode, to tell you that you should find a stable job, you should find the object that is actually married ..... Yes, after all, most people are doing, and have a good time.

Some people choose to live peacefully, some people choose to reject a high income and very stable job to challenge the business, everyone has their own choice, each choice also have their own views. But, most of us prefer the more people that way, because the road is safe and easy, but there is a road leaving no place in our footprint, not only in the road where, in order to tell the world I came, because this road to come out of their own will not be submerged.

You have to believe that if you go a different way, you have to see the scenery is different, the process is not easy, of course, may be thorns everywhere, full of traps, full of danger, there may be a lot of people to block, but all harvest there is a price, not the mother? If we love enough, strong enough, then nothing can stop our footsteps. In the new road, it decided entirely by our own building, we can piece the crowded road essential things transplant, also can create our own landscape, but hard to forget.

In the old way, we can only follow the crowd; the new road to be arbitrary.

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