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Society does not cruel, it just does not favor you

Writer:张文达Source:原创 Date:2015年9月17日 18:06

From: Company QC

The world is not fair, is ah, not fair, and look around you than money, than you have the ability, the number of fingers are not enough, so some people find it unfair, I seriously study, the university entrance exam test students, enterprises working day slaving away from dawn to dusk, the wage is not enough to get that point to his girlfriend to buy a package. There is a high school classmate, playing the entire high school, high school mixed with a three, feel they are not suitable for reading, self-assertion dropped out themselves and their families to start small businesses, the business grew and grew, and now there is room in the small city a car, a wife and have children, a happy life, eat, drink.

Yes, ah, this time you will not fair, but had a college entrance exam three people, you know laugh at the light, then do not say how unfair? People dropped out of college, you know that the light used when the laughing stock, then do not say how unfair? Once people better off than hello, and you begin to lament the world is really cruel ah.

Some people complain about their boss and interview a group of relatives is then washed off, some people complain that they have to get up early to work overtime a month, some people complain that they get up at six every day crowded subway, some people complain that low wages are too expensive to rent , but when you complain about the big blanket with the world are unfair, this world there are unable to pay tuition fees for students, seriously ill surgery simply one-tenth less than Minato people, there are a lot of work from dawn to dusk every day to support their families people, as well as congenital malformations at birth, parents died, mentally deficient people, you feel that the world is not fair for you to do?

Maybe we are always just a little guy, but that does not prevent us to choose what kind of a way to live with, you can see through the frustration of life, but still chose not perfunctory still love life, is the effort on their own account. If you want to be strong, it is necessary coupled with strong heart, strong know the world is not fair, but he can understand to what extent under the rule, in the absence of the ability to subvert the rules of the world before, for his silence goal.

If you start you can not accept this world of rules, then you will never be a complain with only weak.

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