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Stand up and fell to the ground

Writer:张晓凡Source:原创 Date:2015年9月22日 18:05

From: Technology Center

     "Stand up and fell to the ground, which feel better? You were born not rolling on the ground, you have to get up, again and again and again, until completely release your potential." This sentence from the "Life does not limit" this book, its author was born without hands and feet of a "freak" - Lectra · Zhe Hu. Who can imagine a person can do in the hands of the Hawaiian surf swimming, diving in Colombia to play with, and normal, skateboarding, golf. . . . . .

     He can stand up, he can travel around the world, he can surf the beach in Hawaii, he can have his own company, we are less than what he now! Why can not we. Behind every strong, there will be sadness and frustration, without success, you and I can only say that frustration and suffering experienced by too little.

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