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From fear to succeed

Writer:李同祥Source:原创 Date:2015年10月30日 18:02

From: Company production workshop

Most people respond before something great, will be psychological concerns, worry and fear. If you fear the upper hand, you lose confidence, the result is naturally done, would lose. But if you are brave and fearless prevailed, then you will concentrate brave to do something, although the result is not a hundred percent to win, but at least have the opportunity to win.

Do not be afraid Do not worry about the so-called successful people is simply pay more than others, more experienced suffering shame. Venture fear, for fear of pain on the road, which will have thousands of reasons, and he no doubt you are doomed to failure. Phoenix Nirvana hawk, precisely because of their fearless side Achievement humbling beauty. Any person's success is not accidental, he is stepping on countless failures and pain came, of course, before he wants to not be afraid of the premise, to forge ahead on the road of thorns.

Mr. Lu Xun once said: "really brave dare to face the bleak life, the courage to face dripping blood ......" on the road of life, if you choose a retreat, lose your life. So we must have the courage to do anything in the face of the spirit, the courage to bear the result of the failure, the only way to have a wonderful wonderful life.

Life itself is a bet. People are afraid of losing forever can not win, not afraid to lose people, it is possible to win.

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