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Company of the 12th (2015) China International Coatings Show

Writer:刘明月Source:原创 Date:2015年11月25日 08:51

From: Company Market

November 18, 2015 - November 20, chairman of the company and the company's marketing staff in Shanghai New International Expo Center visited the twelfth China International Coatings Show, the exhibition involving pigments, paints, inks, surface treatment and equipment total of 1384 exhibitors, compared to the scale, the number of exhibitors and exhibition visitors than in previous years have continued to grow steadily.

     On the exhibition were visited me in the pigment industry more authoritative five target customers, to my company's products cerium sulphide red rare green paint exhibition to in the discussion, including technology, market and strategic trends, our products vulcanization cerium rare Earth red green pigment in the show popular, get a number of customers, and intent signed cooperation agreements with several manufacturers, for my company to give a lot of help in terms of shopping malls to open up, the next step we will greater efforts in market development work, the rare earths cerium sulfide official green paint to the market to address the vacancy pigment industry.

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