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trust yourself

Writer:贾琼Source:原创 Date:2016年1月14日 18:00

From: Corporate Finance

Occasionally see such a story, there is a heavy dray driver dragged wearily came to the foot of the mountain, looking at the front of that for a very long uphill, I can not help but flinch. I thought that today a person on their own absolutely pull up, someone was sure to help a job. Is difficult occasion, happened over an enthusiastic passers-by, he saw the driver of the dilemma, the initiative to help cart. Then, roll up their sleeves to facilitate landing, opened a stroller posture.

Thus, the driver will bite the bullet hard to pull a cart, enthusiastic people in "Come on, come on," the sound of cheering, the car finally pulled the top of the hill. When the driver thanks to the enthusiastic people's help when, did not think he said: "You do not have to thank me, these days my lumbar sprain, and I just simply can not exert oneself Shouting refuel it can pull up this train. , thanks to is yourself. "

This story makes me think, the road of life is not equally so? A celebrity once said:. "Are easy to walk downhill," the road of life is not Yimapingchuan not without strenuous can easily forward. Many times, it is because we were intimidated by temporary difficulties, dare to try, abandoned the effort, would then toward mediocrity. On the contrary, if we can confront difficulties, believe in yourself and dare to pay, breaking the shackles set for ourselves, we can reach the pinnacle of success, at a new height to look at the problem.

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