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New Year, new start

Writer:李雅Source:原创 Date:2016年1月19日 18:00

From: Corporate Finance

Time flies, Riyuerusuo, we knew it, we have ushered in 2016. For us, 2015 is a year of harvest, summing up the past, look to the future of great significance for our work has. Standing at a new starting point in 2016, we want to achieve their goals and struggle hard. In the new year, trying to start from the following aspects:

First, establish their own goals and direction of the work, there are plans to do first, after the summary, rational organization of work, and strive to improve work efficiency.

Second, we continue to maintain a proactive attitude, quality and quantity to complete the various tasks.

Third, in the ideological and cultural learning to be more active, to expand the scope of knowledge, improve their writing and presentation skills.

Fourth, strengthen professional business knowledge.

     Faith will move mountains to open, I believe that only hard work can pay off. In the new year, we should be strict with themselves, strengthen confidence, to achieve our common dream and work hard macro Bot.

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