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New Testing Items of Service Offered by The Center of Testing

Writer:孙楠Source:翻译 Date:2016年5月10日 11:10

Following the development and exploring of market,we found that the rare earth enviromental pigment can be used in wide areas,not only plastics and nylon but also ink and paint etc.

In order to learn the application performance of pigment in ink ,paint and others ,the Testing Center of company has planned to do the test of tinting strength and covering strength as the rare earth sulfide pigments are used in the industries of ink and paint,etc.So,there need buy some applicable equipment,such as plane grinding machine,vibrating mixer. At present,related machines has already inquired and expect to implement the testing of the new items by the end of this month.

 The new testing items are, not only conductive to finding the new performance of products in the application field,but also helpful for providing exact test data to our clients as to they can use our products effectively. We would do the best service and offer the best products as the client’s request with this testing support in the future.

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