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The Fifth Political Thought Learning of HBT

Writer:刘冰洁Source:翻译 Date:2013年1月24日 08:59

On January 18, 2013,our company business department organized all staff to carry out the fifth political thought learning actively. This is the first political thought study of 2013, this is also a study that let you feel kind.

Mr. Tian Jianguo, the vice minister of business department presided over this meeting, and the content is: "where is the happiness?”.

During the meeting everyone discussed passionately, which they all said their ideas about happiness. Some people often say that: "you are very happy". What is the happiness? In fact, happiness is a feeling, a kind from the inner thought and emotional resonance.Happiness is everywhere, which spread in every corner of life, just see you how to treat, or with what a kind of state of mind to face.Everyone has his own way, no matter how much he is common, as long as he can make a contribution for the society in the ordinary position, to dedicate a love, which we can say he is happy.

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