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Cerium Sulphide&Health

Writer:杨明亮Source:翻译 Date:2013年1月11日 09:02

China is rich of rare earth and occupies the largest storage and production amount in the world. With the development of society, people have more demand of the high-tech and environment-protection products. Due to the 4F structure and the good performance in fields of light electricity, magnetism, superconductivity, catalysis, rare earth elements are widely used in energy, information, environment, medicine, agriculture, stock farming and military and many fields of daily life.

As a new pigment, Cerium Sulphide is no toxic and healthy to human body, and has got the certificate of ISO9001, SGS, EN71 and FDA Food Standard( USA ).And being a environment protection inorganic pigment, Cerium Sulphide is the best replacement of the Cadmium-based and lead-based pigment!s is everywhere, which spread in every corner of life, just see you how to treat, or with what a kind of state of mind to face.Everyone has his own way, no matter how much he is common, as long as he can make a contribution for the society in the ordinary position, to dedicate a love, which we can say he is happy.

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