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Hong Bote technology carried out internal training

Writer:刘冰洁Source:翻译 Date:2013年2月4日 09:05

Nowsdays society is developing rapidly, and knowledge update change with each passing day, a bit slack there may be times that flow out, as the first domestic research and development of green environmental protection of rare earth pigment enterprise, Hong Bote technology treat as training of the talents is the top priority of the work plan.

On January 25,2013, Hong Bote technology held  the first internal training  of  this year. This lecture content is about the enterprise management knowledge, Mr. Song Yuchuan, the executive vice presidentof our company,which tell us something about it. He through the actual problem what we met in the daily work, and combined with the enterprise management theory,he also explanate for everyone in details patiently and with the staff had a heated discussion. At the same time, all staff tell their confusion and some problems, Mr Song always analyze and give the detailed solutions for them, after the meeting, the staff benefit a lot and improve thenselves, we should hold more such training activities in the future.

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