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The annual meeting of Hong BoTe held successfully

Writer:刘冰洁Source:翻译 Date:2013年2月20日 09:07

On February 4th, 2013, the annual summary commendation of.Baotou Hong Bote Technology was held grandly in the staff canteen.

The annual meeting include prizes, games, fireworks and artistic performance of four greatly plate. In the first plate, the different departments summarized the main work of 2012 and deployed and planned the work of 2013, at the same time also shared the individuals and the whole department's feeling. In the meeting, the company also commend and reward in 2012 the company which has outstanding performance and contribution to our company. Finally,Mr Liu Jiangang the president of our company summing-up speech, inspire everyone in the New Year and create a better tomorrow.

     After the activity that we started the wonderful game. Funny word guessing game, intense group on the balloon game to bring the hot atmosphere. Everyone in the heart, presents a big feast of entertainment. These not only bring us the laughter at the same time also let co-workers more close to each other's heart. By the warm atmosphere of infection, chairman of the board of directors LiuJianGang and the invited guests also participated in the "who is undercover" game, the celebration will be pushed to the high tide.


With the coming of the night, Hong Bote fireworks party also started, mang different colorful fireworks in the night sky, leave with the company all staff good vision of 2013 year. When the fireworks party ended, we get together in staff canreer for dinner, during each department also offered up their elaborate programs, let you enjoy good food and also appreciate the wonderful art programs, along with the party atmosphere gradually warm, our colleagues and guests were all mood and also they perform on stage, singing, which a song of Jiang Nan Style put the party atmosphere to a high head. The meeting in a harmonious, warm and happy atmosphere end.

Brilliant 2012 year have passed, full of hope and challenge 2013 comes. In the past year we smile, difficult, and lost, and harvest,when we face 2013, which we filled with longing, passionate, have a better product waiting for us to develop, bigger market waiting for us to conquer, more spectacular career waiting for us to sprinkle the wisdom and ability, let us together with confidence and courage, strutting, to write a more brilliant future!

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