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Hong Bote technology leads the rare earths fashion

Writer:刘冰洁Date:2013年3月11日 09:20

With the further development of China's economic system reform and perfecting of market economy. The development of China's rare earth industry in nearly 10 years which formed a deep processing from rare earth materials to application development and have a good trend for the high-tech development.

2013 which is a year that both opportunities and challenges exist. Committed to Hong Bote of rare earth new materials research and development, the company in a more standardized management system and to be more perfect management system to meet the beginning of the New Year. On the basis of original research and development project is becoming more and more mature production test a new product, which this will lead to higher goals and challenge for the company. Under the efforts of all the employees in the company, in order to meet the market demand, the company vigorously advanced production equipment and the science and technology. And has carried on the improvement and creative experiments, which achieved gratifying results. At the same time, the production of rare earth new materials research and development in China has made a tentative test, and positive progress, and promote the pace of China's rare earth market to the international standard.

We are looking forward to seeing that Hong Bote can get even more outstanding achievements, and the company pilot for China's rare earth market.

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