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The behavior culture of company (Five)

Writer:刘冰洁Source:翻译 Date:2013年3月13日 09:22

Companies should value the ten kinds of employees:

(A)  Having both ability and political integrity, very professional.

(B)  We should have the team spirit of cooperation consciousness.

(C)  Be willing to accept new things, new ideas.

(D)  Loyal to the company values.

(E)  Work actively, willing to help others.

(F)  The pursuit of efficient work way and method.

(G)  Professional dedication, high sense of responsibility.

(H)  High execution and understand judgment.

(I)  We must hard realism and attend in details which achieve perfection in all things industriously.

(J)  We should maintain company reputation all the time, and pay attention to their own practice, have the courage to challenge ourselves..

Each employee controls these ten rules, look at the company for your treasure!

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