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Department leaders visit our company

Writer:刘冰洁Source:翻译 Date:2013年4月16日 09:39

On April 10, 2013, Miss Xing Huijing, the deputy director of Inner Mongolia department of productivity center and two other people come to inspect our company. Under accompany of the leaders in our company, they visit our production workshop and rare earth pigments exhibition room of our company. Leaders after hearing the detailed report for red pigment project, they had a strong interest and said that such a project must do more bigger and stronger, andin terms of the development prospect of rare earth pigment project of green environmental protection which given the full affirmation, and make the guidance for project, in the future work is of great significance for the company. by the study, employees generally said that they got a lot and clear its own direction.A short article, but there is a boundless wisdom, self development and enterprise development are inseparable.

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