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Austrian terry Bach industrial company came to our company to discuss cooperation

Writer:刘冰洁Source:翻译 Date:2013年4月23日 09:45

On April 23, 2013, Mr. Peter, the product manager rare earths metals, Mr. Erich, the product manager polishing powder rare earths and chemicals and Mr. Zhou Yu, the raw material procurement market development manager of Austrian terry Bach industrial company, which was invited to come to visit our company. Our company leaders introduced the details about green environmental protection non-toxic pigment and rubber additives. At the same time, they introduced our company in the next five years development plan and new product research and development situation. Terry Bach Company showed a great interest in our products, and they hope to conduct more extensive cooperation with my company. After the meeting, they visited the workshop and rare earth pigment exhibition room, and gave a high evaluation. we believe that we will have a pleasant cooperation with the company!pe that we can have a extensive cooperation in the field of rare earth high-tech project conduct in the future. After the meeting, they visit our company rare earth pigments exhibition room. This discussion cooperation will expand our new pigment and rare earth products in the German market.lize the real meaning of them seriously, and constantly improve our own ideology. The training was won the high praise of all staff and they also looking forward to holding more similar trainings, faster to improve our own quality.

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