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Hong Bote’s eighth political thought learning

Date:2013年4月30日 09:47

On April 28, 2013,the integrated department organized the staff learning theme of “left the platform, you will be nothing”, under the guidance of company general manager Liu Jiangang, around "why work? Work for whom? How to work?”,we begin to study and have a discussion.

During the meeting, employees actively speak, the most basic need to live, work for happiness. Company provides us with a self exercise and a good platform, improve the capacity to give young people infinite development space, we satisfy the most basic life safeguard, through the enterprise create the environment for us, constantly learning and reference, cultivate self comprehensive quality and professional skills, and constantly strengthen the consciousness of team with dedication and realize own value. Work in the company's business as our own things, and try the best, has the sense of responsibility, dare to bear, not afraid of hardships, with a positive attitude and work earnestly. And better service for the enterprise, dedication own strength for the company development.

We get together in this big family, we all believe that we have common goal which pursue the better life and make efforts to achieve our ideal.

Through the study of the political thought which let the employees deeply realize the significance of the work. At the same time, is highly consistent of HBT enterprise thought, is the concentrated reflection of our company corporate culture, in the later work, this idea and enterprise culture will be more deeply rooted into the hearts of every employee. Let us work together, hand in hand together for ourselves and our company to create brilliant future!

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