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Company news report (One)

Writer:刘冰洁Source:翻译 Date:2013年4月23日 09:49

On April 21, 2013, china's rare earth industry general assembly held for the second time in Shanghai. Mr. Liu Jiangang, the president of our company, Mr. Yang Mingliang, vice minister of business department attended the conference. During the meeting, Mr. Gan Yong, the president of industry association in 2012 affirmed our company's performance: "and points out that to safeguard legitimate rights and interests of member unit, the Inter China of Suzhou, Xiamen chinese-government-owned, Baotou Hong Bote these members enterprise reflect about LED phosphors, cerium sulfide pigments such as deep processing of products tariff classification problems, such as, association studies that these products with independent intellectual property rights, belong to the deep processing of high-tech product, should support and encourage exports to occupy the international market. As a result, the association in a timely manner to the general administration of customs, ministry of commerce and national development and reform commission and the state council tariff commission and relevant departments of the project report, has drawn great attention of the relevant ministries, says it will actively cooperate with relevant ministries as soon as possible to solve the above problem". This will provide guarantee to earn foreign exchange through exports next year.We get together in this big family, we all believe that we have common goal which pursue the better life and make efforts to achieve our ideal.

Through the study of the political thought which let the employees deeply realize the significance of the work. At the same time, is highly consistent of HBT enterprise thought, is the concentrated reflection of our company corporate culture, in the later work, this idea and enterprise culture will be more deeply rooted into the hearts of every employee. Let us work together, hand in hand together for ourselves and our company to create brilliant future!

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