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The leaders of rare earth hi-tech zone investigated our company

Writer:刘冰洁Source:翻译 Date:2013年6月4日 10:08

In order to complete our city medium rare earth industry development planning and technical route map, rare earth industry development city via letter appoint will in conjunction with compiled for rare earth society of China, Baotou rare earth enterprise alliance, Baotou rare earth aged expert group related personnel in high-tech zone to carry out comprehensive research of rare earth industry development situation. On May 29, 2013, rare earth hi-tech zone leaders research our company, first of all visit our company's production workshop conducted a comprehensive inspection, the details about our company new type of green environmental protection non-toxic paint project - cerium sulfide, and gave a high evaluation, the project for our company expressed strong interest. Thinking this project must do bigger and stronger. Leaders were then visited Hong Bote administrative offices and exhibition room, and with our company the related technical personnel of our company's project had a deeper discussion, leaders pointed out that the production of green environmental protection concept, is the theme of today's society, environmental protection science and technology enterprises which is the object of government support, to be environmental protection pigment industry leading enterprise, must will be environmentally friendly paint production concept.in the enterprise big family formed a unity, fraternity, mutual help, mutual trust, team consciousness. Enterprise's development cannot leave the staff unite as one, share the joys and sorrows, and even more can make employees to consciously struggle and dedication spirit of enterprise culture. Employees only in the process of struggle keep highly consistent with the goals of the enterprise, has the common concept of dedication, common values, can better make each employee feel the value of existence, thus employees can better and more fully exert self ability, for the enterprise service, constantly to speed up enterprise development, can effectively enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises.


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