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Innovative talents, the competitiveness of the enterprise development

Writer:刘冰洁Source:翻译 Date:2013年6月10日 10:12

Development is the highest goal of any units and enterprises, innovation is the eternal theme of enterprise development. The innovative talents is the enterprise occupies the most advantageous market competitiveness. Innovative talents full of pioneering, creative ability, which can create a new situation, make creative contributions to enterprise development.

Positive people is likely to be successful, which have the success of career and life success. In order to improve their social practice, language expression, analysis of strain and innovation ability, psychological quality, professional skills and other aspects of comprehensive ability. Innovative talents should possess:

A.     Have a valuable innovation quality.

B.     A tough will to innovate.

C.     Have a keen observation of innovation.

D.     Advanced innovative thinking.

E.      Is rich in knowledge innovation.

F.      The innovation practice of science.

Success always favor the prepared mind, creative talents are our enterprise development urgently needed one kind of resources, so as a member of the Hong Bote, young team, we will try to make ourselves become the development needs of talent for HBT, hand in hand to create new miracle!

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