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To ensure safety,grasping quality,creating benefits

Writer:刘冰洁Source:翻译 Date:2013年6月17日 10:14

If there is no guarantee of safety production, an enterprise has no strict quality control, let alone product benefits, not to mention the development of enterprises. Security for the company's "fundamental", the quality is "life" of the company.

Hong Bote is the only domestic manufacturer of green environmental protection pigment, our company attaches great importance to production safety, on the premise of ensure the safety of employees, the company top leaders stressed, "safety first, quality first" as the enterprise attaches great importance to a culture of safety management to realize the sustainable development, for the safety management of the enterprise development lay a solid foundation.

The company's reputation and development is in the hands of our every employee, as a member company, we not only have the responsibility to do all this, start from every one of us, start from the side details, do all to observe the safety rules, solidarity, common to build a safe production environment, guarantee the quality of our products complete and create a good benefit for the enterprise!development cannot leave the staff unite as one, share the joys and sorrows, and even more can make employees to consciously struggle and dedication spirit of enterprise culture. Employees only in the process of struggle keep highly consistent with the goals of the enterprise, has the common concept of dedication, common values, can better make each employee feel the value of existence, thus employees can better and more fully exert self ability, for the enterprise service, constantly to speed up enterprise development, can effectively enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises.


Hong Bote, a booming innovative company, stand out in the high-tech leading mainstream companies at civil and abroad, is striding towards a better tomorrow!Let us work together, hand in hand together for ourselves and our company to create brilliant future!

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