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Faith and Success

Writer:刘冰洁Source:翻译 Date:2013年6月21日 10:17

Green grass shade, floral notes, because of the dream, we stood in Hong Bote stage, here, there are individual pursuit, have faith, striving to make more full of spirit, solidarity and progressive staff. No matter how the road ahead, steady faith and maintaining strong spirit of enterprise, is difficult, so smooth, unity and concerted action. Unity is strength, the best forever.

Because of gratitude, we stand here, thank you for the trust of the leadership and the help of friends, in the realization of our ideal in the meantime, we remain innovative work passion, stick to our constant belief of enterprise, the enterprise's development goals into voluntary actions of each one of us, and we take the enterprises of the boat toward the shore of victory.

We are lucky, love and faith and spirit with us to grow. We are fortunate, because the bright and hope of Hong Bote. Dear colleagues, let's passion for the cause, under the enterprise spirit and belief, let each note, beating each melody, hand in hand to move forward, is "harmony, gratitude, efficient, innovation" of Hong BoTE constantly striving!

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