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Choose life,Choose HBT

Writer:刘冰洁Source:翻译 Date:2013年7月10日 10:27

Our life is spent in the choice of life, the road of life is about ten million, whichever you choose, there is beautiful scenery along the way, but at the same time also have forks and marshland, the key is your attitude of life and the spirit of life.

In one's life, the choice and fate are closely connected, but it is often disproportionate. The more you keep with your choice, in order to deduce the meaning of it, maybe you are under the hardships of all life. You choose the satisfactory, but you worked hard. You choose the noble, but suffered a humble. You choose to be a civilization, but in the wild. However, you have chosen to fly, you always can see the blue sky. You choose the sailing, can always feel the sea.

The wrong choice is the price of growth. Every success cannot leave the correct choice, each person's success is also inseparable from the right choice, and only unusual selection can get remarkable success.

But I want to say, choose Hong Bote, is the brilliant starting point of my life, is the superior platform to show myself, is the cradle of my success, is our beautiful home which win the flowers and applause, is my best end-result of life.

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