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Keep crisis sense

Writer:刘冰洁Source:翻译 Date:2013年7月23日 10:30

China has a saying: "cross the bridge when you come to it", this sentence is only applicable to all sorts of things in life, rather than waiting for the miracle to save for a rainy day to create the miracle might happen prerequisite.

A rich man said: "the 21st century, there is no sense of crisis is the biggest crisis." Inner sense of crisis can often make people burst into amazing courage. Crisis is forcing you to change, taking risks. Died in the ease, or outbreak in comfort, this also is a sense of crisis in to people's psychological hint. Especially the existential crisis, always can inspire your biggest potential, and make your courage surged to the point of have nothing to fear.

Today our company is in development, as a member of the Hong Bote, every employee should keep a sense of crisis, in the work of our greatest potential, and do our own work very well, and create more benefit for the company. Company's future is every employee's future, if she grows constantly, we can get more. Whether to the company or to us, each employee should keep a sense of crisis.

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