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Company culture (Eight)

Writer:刘冰洁Source:翻译 Date:2013年7月30日 10:35

When graduates towards to the society should pursuit of ten "two" :

1. Make two "friends"

It is sports and the library.

They uninterruptedly "charging" for the body and brain.

2. Training "two kung fu"

One is part and another is skill

To be on duty, do things by ability.

3. Willing to "eat" two things

One is "loss" and one is a "eat bitterness"

To be not afraid of hurt, a disadvantage is a blessing and philosophy,

Work does not fear endures hardship, eat bitterness and will be successful.

4. Have "two forces"

They are the power of thought and the power of the sword.

Thought is strong, sharp sword valor.

5. Plug the "two wings"

They are the ideal and the willing.

With the two wings can fly far.

6. Construction of "two pillars"

Science and the humanities,

Capital of the people must be supported by the science and the humanities.

7. The pursuit of "two agreed"

One is the interest and career.

One is the love and marriage.

The unity of the two is consistent, can maximize your potential to be able to play.

8. Have "two care doctors"

One is a sports and another is positive,

Sports and optimism make you health of body and mind.

9. Remember two "secret"

The secret of health is in the morning, the secret of success in the evening;

People spare time is different, it makes a person, also can destroy a person.

10. The pursuit of the "two extremes"

One is put their energy to the maximum.

One is their own life extension to the extreme.

Scientific studies show that people's potential can play to 3-5% on average, and the up is to 10%.

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