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Be good at communication

Writer:刘冰洁Source:翻译 Date:2013年8月9日 10:41

Communication is a bridge, is a foundation and is a kind of harmony.

Communication is necessary for people to get along with, whether life or work, good communication is necessary. If you don't have good communication in life, between husband and wife can cause unnecessary conflict and misunderstandings, which affect the affection between husband and wife. Among friends sometimes will generate discord, which affect the friendship. We should have a good communication in work and colleagues, work in cooperation will more smoothly and more beautiful. Have a good communication between higher and lower, the understanding of the content of the work will be more thorough, performing work will more smoothly. Also must maintain good communication between countries, with timely and effective communication, just can have more cooperation, ability won't produce disputes, will be more harmonious get along, will only be for people from all over the world to bring more of the happiness.

Our employees should be a person who is good at communicating. Everyone at work timely and effective communication can reduce errors and mistakes as far as possible, will only be found in the product research and development more factors affecting the quality of products, will let our team into a rope, interest makes toward one place, and will only be invulnerable, skip over the waves and get the final success.

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