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The thinking of life

Writer:刘冰洁Source:翻译 Date:2013年8月28日 10:48

Who in charge of our future? Of course, must be ourselves! So how to improve the quality of life, what had played a decisive role?

First of all, the quality of our life is related to our income directly, everyone is hard for a higher standard. Pursuit is the man who is never satisfied, and we also should go to make track to think about it, there is no best only better!

Second, each person must grasp the opportunity, or to create opportunities, every opportunity is a jump, is also a kind of practice. Without polish is without comprehension. We need to constantly accumulating and repeated verification, think do to improve yourself, wealth is not money, but our creativity.

In the end, the company is our creativity, we need the company's high return, the two interdependence mutually restricted. One of the most important is thought to be consistent, since the relationship with survival, we will show a strong vitality, each other we flowing Hong Bote fresh blood, has a strong vitality.

We can stand the test of red cerium, but can’t stand the test of pollution environment, love each other harmonious living environment!

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