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Writer:刘冰洁Source:翻译 Date:2013年9月3日 10:51

Dedication is derived from the heart a little gratitude, gratitude is to society and work. Always dedicated people who really know the happiness of life, the thought of heart with dedication of people really understand the true meaning of life. And dedication is a kind of power.

The labor of duty is the power source of dedication, professionalism is the basis of dedication. If people stand on a post, ten years hard work is dedication. When on certain post only do something you should do and should finish the job, this may be called dedication only a foundation, can't it has been and boast in the sea have the dedication. Dedication is the responsibilities no standards, no size, not to pay a return, is like the communist party member to spare time to serve, ordinary people took to the blood collecting vehicle unpaid blood donation, community residents' obligation to clean sanitation.

"Dedication" is a kind of love, its unrequited love for his career and full pay. For individuals, is to be under the call of love, to work as a career to love and to complete, from the little drops of fun. Efforts to do every thing, seriously treat every one of us, with all my heart do his job well. Trying to use this love each and every one around to infection, with everyone's selfless dedication to weave the beautiful blueprint of our career.K1'>In the end, the company is our creativity, we need the company's high return, the two interdependence mutually restricted. One of the most important is thought to be consistent, since the relationship with survival, we will show a strong vitality, each other we flowing Hong Bote fresh blood, has a strong vitality.


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