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A little more than obey

Writer:刘冰洁Source:翻译 Date:2013年10月14日 11:08

Obedience is the first duty of a soldier, and then as a corporate employee obeys leadership arrangement is well-deserved. Our employees can be multiplied, so we must obey the arrangement of leadership.

A lot of people at work, in the face of numerous plans at work often taken a negative and even conflicting attitudes, ripe don't know, how to obtain the initiative work will be a success, whether for leadership recognition is the most important one annulus, and its resistance, complain too much, the less will use the time on active compliance. Therefore, obey leadership arrangement at work is a kind of virtue, staff should have is also the essential condition of work achievements in the future.

Obey the main emphasis is a kind of team cooperation consciousness, team cooperation not only lies in the meaning of "many hands make light work", but in the team to realize the integration of personal power, can condense into a powerful motivation. In team work, in order to achieve the ultimate goal, everyone needs to give up part of their interests. Countless individual spirit, condensed into a team spirit, there is no collective sense of honor people hard to stand out in a company, a team. A person's ability is limited after all, when a task is far beyond the scope of personal ability, team cooperation is very necessary, the team thinking is the soul of the enterprise, a group if it can't form a team, will be fragmented; A team if there is no common values, there would be no unity of will and unified action, of course there will be no fighting.

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