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Take the work as your own business

Writer:刘冰洁Source:翻译 Date:2013年10月31日 11:16

We exist in society, everyone is always in constant search for a sense of belonging, identity, and a sense of accomplishment, and the work is the best way to realize the desire of every one of us. When we work as our own business, no matter what kind of stage, no matter how tough conditions, we will through the efforts to achieve a goal.

Don't put the relationship between yourself and the company was already set in hiring and employment conditions, in that case, we are in the value of the company and the inside of the shop as the value of any one machine, just perform a simple command, of course, bring to the company's contribution is very small, but also can not get due development our own potential. However, if we put the relationship with the company as a combination of mutual trust and mutual benefit, and it was significantly different, every employee for our company provides a perfect platform operation, and that every platform for every employee to display their talents, of course, if our every employee treat their work like this, I believe that every employee in the company's development will be rapidly took off, of course, it also brings the most benefits to our company.pan>Like a person, an enterprise it (Hong Bote) to be successful, come with difficulties and challenges along the way. Hong Bote, so only have today's achievement, is all our leaders and employees adhere to the "do not abandon, do not give up" attitude. Although this road is not easy, we did it. Hope we continue to strive hard in the paint industry in the future to create one world "laudatory name.

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