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HBT Attend Baotou branch widespread entrepreneurship and innovation national activity week 2016

Writer:孙楠Source:翻译 Date:2016年10月21日 14:53

On October 5, 2016, at the same time with inner mongolia autonomous regionthe”widespread

entrepreneurship and innovation”activity week started in Baotou International Convention& Exhibition

Center.As the representation of enterprises of entrepreneurship and innovation,HBT was invited to

attended the conference.  

It was pointed that “widespread entrepreneurship and innovation” which launched by our Central Party

Committee and State Council under new circumstance is an important strategic deployment .It has important

meaning of pushing forward economic structural restructuring and industrial transformation and upgrading ,

strengthening the power to further development and promoting the employment growth.Baotou city has made

a series documents to encourage and lead entrepreneurship and innovation ,started the research on software

subjects,optimized the circumstance for entrepreneurship and innovation.Meanwhile,Baotou city organized

and established the Baotou Technological Innovation & Investment Corporation ,and instituted Technological

Innovation and Investment Fund. 2016, Baotou was approved as the pilot city on prompting connection in

technology and finance . There will be more efficient measures and policies to get technology and finance

close integration ,as well to quicken the commercialization of researching findings and industrialization.

With great helps and supports of the government,we firmly believe that the mode of entrepreneurship

and innovation like us will develop to stronger quickly

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