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HBT Conducts the Construction of Pilot Base for Rare Earth Sulfide R&D Center

Writer:徐婷婷Source:原创 Date:2020年6月15日 09:15

On June 12, 2020, in order to better develop the application market of rare earth sulfide series products and develop new products, the company decided to upgrade the original "Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region-level Rare Earth Sulfide R&D Center" after the general manager's office meeting. , To be built as "Pilot Production Base of Rare Earth Sulfide R&D Center".

The company's general manager Xia Le and technical director Zhang Cheng were appointed as the director and deputy director of the R&D center pilot base. Construction work is expected to officially start on June 12, 2020, and be completed before July 1.

The main R&D projects of the newly built "Rare Earth Sulfide R&D Center Pilot Base" are:

1. Special crystal type rare earth sulfide wave absorbing stealth material project

2. High-performance high-end tire rare earth rubber additives project

3. Application and development project of rare earth environmental protection pigments in coatings

4. Rare earth sulfide nano-scale powder abrasive project

The R&D center of the company has been rated as the R&D center of rare earth sulfide in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region in 2012. It is currently the only R&D center of rare earth sulfide in China. It shoulders the important mission of R&D, technology improvement, product upgrade and application performance development of rare earth sulfide, and is the cornerstone of the company's becoming a world-class rare earth sulfide production base. The construction of the pilot test base of the rare earth sulfide R&D center is expected to have a total investment of 4 million yuan. After the construction is completed, it will apply for a national-level R&D center. Later, major universities, scientific research institutes and related companies will conduct in-depth technical cooperation to develop more new products.


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