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Zhao Jiangtao, Mayor of Baotou City, visited HBT Group

Writer:徐婷婷Source:原创 Date:2020年8月31日 10:11

On the afternoon of August 27, 2020, Baotou Mayor Zhao Jiangtao, Baotou Development and Reform Commission Director Lei Dianjun, Baotou Science and Technology Bureau Director Yuan Hongzhi, Baotou Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology Kang Shicun, and other committee and office leaders in Jiuyuan District Deputy District Mayor Qiang Yue , accompanied by the deputy secretary of the Kundulun District Committee and other leaders to the HBT Group for investigation and inspection. Leaders such as Bi Jianhua, vice president of HBT, Chang Xueli, general manager of Color, and Yan Junxi, marketing director, accompanied the company throughout the process.

Mayor Zhao and his entourage first arrived at the synthesis workshop and post-processing workshop of the production base. General Manager Chang Xueli introduced to Mayor Zhao the progress of the construction of the rare earth environmentally friendly pigment project and the production of both its own technology and foreign technology. Afterwards,they arrived at the testing center and visited the newly constructed cerium sulfide pigment laboratory and the improved small experimental workshop. Finally,  learned about the application fields and market development prospects of rare earth environmentally friendly pigments in the company exhibition hall.

Mayor Zhao affirmed and praised the rare earth environmental protection pigment project. He emphasized that rare earth environmentally friendly pigments are new rare earth materials developed through transformation and upgrading relying on the advantages of Baotou's rare earths. They are a representative of strategic emerging industries. HBT must complete construction as soon as possible, expand production capacity, and expand product application markets to promote sustainable and healthy economic development. He also said that he would continue to pay attention to the later development of the company, and at the same time instructed governments at all levels to provide strong support in all aspects of policies to help companies solve their difficulties in time and take practical actions to promote the construction of key projects.

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