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greenTop Burgundy Red S

Date:2017-05-31 10:15


Product Name:

greenTop Burgundy Red S

Type: N/A

Remark: Under Development

Hue: Burgundy Red

Appearance: In powder, no visual visible inclusions.

Chemical formula: Ce2S3

Performance: Rare Earth Environmental Pigment has excellent physical and chemical properties. Hiding power, high-colored, soft colors, stable, insoluble in water and organic solvents, alkali, weak acids and acid have a certain stability, good heat resistance and excellent light resistance, weather resistance.


Main Application:

Red pigment mainly used in plastics (masterbatch, outdoor plastic products, PVC profiles, PVC doors and windows), nylon, dental materials, color electronic ink, paint, 3D printing, powder coatings,sculpture, stained glass, navigation buoys and other industries.

TypeInfo: Greentop Series

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