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1.On December 14th, 2016, the Transfer Agreement was signed by HBT and Solvay, which symbolized

HBT formally acquired Neolor project from Solvay, including all assets and intellectual property rights of

the Neolor. For such a big event in pigment industry, medias from all over the world reported the news.

2. The rare earth pigment is selected into the National 13th 5_Year Plan of RE Industry ,which is announced

by the Ministry of Industry and Information, ranking No.2.

3.In the Encouraged Replacement of Poisonous and Harmful Materials (Products) 2016 Edition, which is jointly

announced by the Ministry of Industry and Information, Environmental Protection, Ministry of Science and

Technology, the Ministry of Territory, the rare earth pigment is recommended as the replacement for the

cadium&lead_based pigment.

4. HBT got 24.5 million from National Rare Earth Industry Transformation and Upgrading Funds.

5.In 2016 HBT applied for 2 invention patents of rubber additive project, A Kind of Rare Earth Sulfide

Rubber Additives and Preparation Method, A Rare Earth Sulfide and Preparation Method, which have

got certificate from National Intellectual Property Bureau.

6.Honors HBT won in 2016:

(1) April 2016,rated as the Baotou demonstration unit for the introduction of forein intellgence

(2)November 2016, granted as title of specialized,fined,peculiar ,new & small_medium enterprise

(3)December 2016,rated as High_Tech Enterprise

7.17th November 2016,the application for industry standards of Cerium/Lanthanum Sulfide

of RE sulfide was accepted and approved by National RE Standardization Technical Commitee on its

annual meeting 2016.15th December 2016,the local standards applied succeeded in application and

public release, and would put into implementation in 15th March 2016.

8.New products :Cerium/Lanthanum Sulfide(PO_002),Pure Lanthanum Sufide(99.9%),Pure Godolinium

Sulfide,Cerous Phosphate researched by R&D ,passed the test of market.May,restruction of workshop

finished in one month ,and capacity had increased to 100 metric tons per year.

9.6th September 2016,Vice Mayor YE who is in charger of projects in inviting business and investments

visited our factory.

10.1th to 6th June 2016, with the help of The Bureau of Commerce of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region,

HBT participated in ChemSpec Europe held in Basel of Swissland.During the exhibition,had business

conversation with clients from different countries,and was invited to visit the Capple company,Grolman

Germany,TREIBACHER Austria.7th to 9th July 2016,patricipated in Baotou International Rare Earth

Exhibition and invited to attend the Rare Earth International Forum.High_tech products exhibited such

as RE cerium sulfide pigments ,pure cerium sulfide,Samarium sulfide etc attracted lots of domestic

and overseas clients


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