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France local time 7:30pm, in the hall of Teledoie hotel in Lyons,Solvay Group and Baotou Hongbo

Te Technology Co.,Ltd held the Joint Press Release and Celebration Party for the Completion of purchase

to divestment of Neolor ® business ,on December.14th,2016


Joint Press Release was hosted by Mrs.Chen ,assistant of manager from HBT and Mr.Oliver Montserrat,

Marketing Director from Solvay Group.At the beginning of the meeting,they introduced the present guests ,

whom of China side are Mr.Zou Jianhua,Deputy Consul_General of the Chinese Consulate in Lyons,Mr.Ma

Rongzhang,Secretory General of Association of China Rare Earth Industry,Mr.Liu Jiangang,President&manager

of HBTand so on,whom of France side are Mrs.Simek Lucy,Vice President of Solvay Global Asset Management,

Mr.Anard Wisnia,President of Rhodia Operations and so on. Next the signing ceremony started.Both side signed

the press release and stated in two language. Mr.Zou and Mr.Ma addressed to congratulate on the success of

purchase.Then Mr.Liu and Mr.Anard Wisnia addressed to show congratulation and thankfulness to both team



At last of the Joint Press Release,both side took photographs and then Celebration Party began under the

beautiful nights.


By the ending of the Celebration Party,Mrs.Lucy addressed to show welcome again to all the guests ,meanwhile

she expect the RE sulfide pigments get more achievements in China.


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