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Common laboratory equipment table name in English

Common laboratory equipment table name in English

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  • Time of issue:2015-07-21
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Common laboratory equipment table name in English

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  • Categories:News
  • Author:企宣部
  • Origin:转载
  • Time of issue:2015-07-21
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From: third-party testing channel
Atomic Emission Spectroscopy Atomic Emission Spectrometer / AES
Inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectroscopy

Inductive Coupled Plasma Emission Spectrometer / ICP

DC Plasma Emission Spectrometer Direct Current Plasma Emission Spectrometer / DCP

UV - visible spectrophotometer UV-Visible Spectrophotometer / UV-Vis
Microwave Plasma Spectrometer Microwave Inductive Plasma Emission Spectrometer / MIP
AAS Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy / AAS
Atomic fluorescence spectrometer Atomic Fluorescence Spectroscopy / AFS
Fourier transform infrared spectrometer FT-IR Spectrometer FTIR
Fourier transform Raman spectroscopy FT-Raman Spectrometer FTIR-Raman
GC Gas Chromatograph GC

High pressure / performance liquid instrument High Pressure / Performance Liquid Chromatography HPLC

Ion chromatography Ion Chromatograph
Gel permeation chromatography Gel Permeation Chromatograph / GPC
Size Exclusion Chromatography Size Exclusion Chromatograph / SEC
X-ray fluorescence spectrometer X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometer XRF
X-ray diffraction X-Ray Diffractomer XRD
X-ray fluorescence spectrometer Isotope Isotope X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometer
Electron Spectrometer Electron Energy Disperse Spectroscopy
EDS Energy Disperse Spectroscopy EDS
MS Mass Spectrometer MS
        ICP-质谱联用仪 ICP-MS ICP-MS
        Gas chromatography - mass spectrometry GC-MS GC-MS
Liquid chromatography - mass spectrometry LC-MS LC-MS
NMR spectrometer Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrometer / NMR

Electron paramagnetic resonance spectrometer Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Spectrometer / ESR
Polarograph Polarograph
VA instrument Voltammerter
Automatic Titrator Automatic Titrator
Conductivity Meter Conductivity Meter
pH meter pH Meter
Water quality analyzer Water Test Kits
Electrophoresis Electrophoresis System
Surface Science Surface Science
Electro Microscopy Electron Microscopy
Optical microscope Optical Microscopy
Metallurgical microscope Metallurgical Microscopy
SPM Scanning Probe Microscopy
Surface Analyzer Surface Analyzer
Nondestructive Testing Instrument for Nondestructive Testing
Physical Analysis Physical Property Analysis
Thermal Analysis Thermal Analyzer
Viscometer Viscometer
Rheometer Rheometer
Particle Size Analyzer Particle Size Analyzer
        Thermo-physical properties tester Thermal Physical Property Tester
Electrical properties Tester Electrical Property Tester
Optical performance analyzer Optical Property Tester
Mechanical properties tester Mechanical Property Tester
Combustion performance analyzer Combustion Property Tester
Aging tester Aging Property Tester
Biotechnology Analysis Biochemical analysis
PCR instrument Instrument for Polymerase Chain Reaction

Sequencing and synthesizers Sequencers PCRDNA and protein and Synthesizers for DNA and Protein

Sensors Sensors
Flow analysis and process analysis Flow Analytical and Process Analytical Chemistry
Gas Analysis Gas Analysis
The basic physical quantity measuring Basic Physics
Sample Preparation Sample Handling
Metal / material element analyzer Metal / material elemental analysis
Environmental component analyzer CHN Analysis
Fermenter Fermenter
Bioreactor Bio-reactor
Shaker Shaker
Centrifuge Centrifuge
        Sonicator Ultrasonic Cell Disruptor
Ultra-low temperature freezer Ultra-low Temperature Freezer
Constant Temperature Circulator thermostat circulation pump
Ultrafilter Ultrahigh Purity Filter
Freeze dryer Freeze Drying Equipment
Part of the collection Fraction Collector
Amino acid sequencing Protein Sequencer
Amino acid composition analysis instruments Amino Acid Analyzer
Peptide synthesizer Peptide synthesizer
DNA sequencing DNA Sequencers
DNA synthesizer, DNA synthesizer
UV lamp Ultraviolet Lamp observation
Hybridization instrument Hybridization Oven
PCR instrument PCR Amplifier
Chemiluminescence analyzer Chemiluminescence Apparatus
UV detector Ultraviolet Detector
Electrophoresis Electrophoresis
Microplate reader ELIASA
CO2 Incubators CO2 Incubators
Inverted Microscope Inverted Microscope
Clean Bench Bechtop
Flow Cytometry Flow Cytometer
Microbial Identification System Automatic Analyzer for Microbes
Biochemical Analyzer Biochemical Analyzer
Blood gas analyzer Blood-gas Analyzer
Electrolyte analyzer Electrolytic Analyzer
Urine Analyzer Urine Analyzer
Clinical drug concentration meter Analyzer for Clinic Medicine Concentration
Hemocytometer Hematocyte Counter


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