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Cooperation & Development

Cooperation & Development

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Due to the company's development needs, we are now recruiting the following personnel:
1. Accountant: 1 person. Accounting experience in industrial plant is required. College degree or above, accountant qualification certificate.
2. Commissioner of market and trade department: 3. 25-35 years old. Bachelor degree or above in international trade related major, with more than 1 year working experience in international trade, mainly responsible for developing domestic and foreign markets.
Kele branch:
1. R & D specialists: 3 persons, bachelor degree or above in chemical engineering, materials, rare earth, metallurgy, master's degree or doctor's degree is preferred.
2. Detection Supervisor: 1 person, bachelor degree or above in chemical engineering and rare earth related major, with rare earth chemical detection experience and more than 5 years of laboratory management experience.
3. Inspector: 2 persons, bachelor degree or above in chemical engineering and rare earth related major, more than one year working experience in rare earth chemical industry detection is preferred.
4. Equipment Engineer: 2, familiar with the factory production process, and engaged in plant production equipment management for many years, college degree or above.
5. General workers: 5, engaged in factory workers, high school or above.
6. Electrician: 2 persons, with relevant professional qualification certificate, engaged in electrician professional work for more than 1 year.
Salary and welfare: the salary is negotiable in person, the treatment is favorable, and the promotion space is large.
Contact person: Ms. Zhang




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