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The center is the provincial R & D center approved by Inner Mongolia Science and Technology Department,mainly focus on application of rare earth sulfide functional materials, consists of a research and development team and a testing team,and now has 11 experts and chemists.

R & D is mainly engaged in the direction of the following aspects:


Project I:Environmenta-friendly Cerium Sulfide Pigments with Ecxellent Performance


Baotou Hongbo Te technology Co.,Ltd owns advanced and reliable industrialization production

technology to produce RE environmental friendly pigment .With cerium oxide as raw materials

,the final products need process calcination ,quantitative mixing, high temperature synthesis,

crushing, water washing ,surface treatment, vacuum filtration dewatering, drying, crushing,

screening and grading and packaging etc.

HBT has been engaged in research and production of RE sulfide environmentally friendly pigment

for eight years .It owns independent intellectual property rights and the registered trademark

"GreenTop". The first-phase project was completed in May 2016, with an annual output of 100

tons of cerium sulfide pigment which has begun to put into production 4 kinds of products.

Rare earth sulfide is a specific application of high performance RE functional materials, as well

high value-added products.RE resource utilization rate is improved very much which encourages

by the line of the national strategic development plan of the rare earth resources.Turning China's

reserves of rare earth resources into the superiority of economic development help to change the

situation that the RE resources utilization rate and value-added is low.

Independent Intellectual Property Rights as below

1、Patent:Preparation of Sesqui Red Pigment By Molten Sulphur

Patent No.:ZL 2010 1 0621447.2

2、Utility Model:The intermittent high temperature tube furnance atmosphere

Patent No:ZL2014 20319595.2

3、A sulfide synthesis of continuous high temperature furnace

Patent No:ZL2016 2 1453734.6


ProjectII:Introduction advanced technology and equipments for production of

Environmental Friendly Cerium Sulfide Pigments


After Solvay Group Franch RE pigments project’acquisition ,HBT has made another world famous

brand "Neolor". The Neolor series products are rare earth sulfide inorganic environmentally friendly

pigment with excellent performances like weather resistance , temperature resistance ,ultraviolet

absorption and reflection of infrared light.Poducts with three primary colors including light orange,

orange and red ,are widely used in all kinds of engineering plastics, such as polypropylene,polyamide,

polycarbonate, ABS, ABS/ASA, sulfide and ASA/PC, PC/PBT, ABS/PA and PU.

The vapor-solid technology purchased from France including several French technology patents,

trademarks, domain names and other intellectual property rights of ownership,only belongs to HBT

exclusively in the world.

Adhering to the "innovation, harmony, green, open, sharing" concept, with abundant rare earth resources

and constantly improved the technical strength of science and technology, especially the introduction

the set of advanced production equipment from France,HBT will gradually plan to develop the appicaiton

field of products, enlarge the output so as to service global market and users better.


ProjectIII:Pure Phase Cerium Sulfide


R & D center has successfully developed pure phase cerium sulfide of model RS-01.

RS-01 is γ type Ce2S3 .The Th3P4 type cubic structure makes it keep a large number of vacancy

defects which can carry out different functions of these doped.These doped ions can adjust its

band gap and conductivity performance,so it is very important semiconducting materials. The transition

of S3p-Ce5d of γ-Ce2S3 can strongly absorp ultraviolet light, which is also the reason why -Ce2S3

has the ability to resist ultraviolet radiation.


ProjectIIII: RE Sulfide Rubber Additive


At present, Our researchers of R&D are committed to research and produce the new-type RE based

rubber auxiliary materialsres with excellent performance ,which is an environment-friendly, non-toxic

product.Low production cost, excellent performance and great market prospect make the project conform

to the national requirements on environmental protection and related policy.


 Low carbon technology and green economy has become a new economic growth point nowadays.

The development of rubber industry affected by the international environment, which low energy

consumption, low pollution and low emission, affecting the development of enterprises, also led

the industry technology progress. At present, the rapid development of China's rubber industry,

closely related to the automotive tire industry with the rapid increase in output. Following the rapid

development of IT technology and highway , human awareness of environmental protection gradually

increased,people put forward more higher requirements on the performance of rubber. From the

"green chemical"to REACH regulations, and then to the tyre-code, more and more strict implementation

rules and norms ,all make the tyre industry towards the development of more durable environmental

protection, energy saving, safety, and other functions of the intelligent tire direction.Developing tyre

rubber with high performance cannot do without technology innovation, also have an important influence

on the rubber development and demand .


Rubber auxiliary will develop towards the direction of non-toxic, low cost and better efficiency ,

will continue to transform the traditional process with green technology and improve the processing

environment as main work task. New products with diversification and high performance of rubber

auxiliaries spring up continually all over the world New-type environmentally friendly rubber auxiliary

products has become the mainstream trend of product development.With the advantages of environmental

-friendly, non-toxic, no pollution, high performance ,our product has great market demand now.

1、Patent:“one of preparation methods of RE sulfide”

Application No.:201410152532.7

2、Patent:“one of preparation of RE sulfide rubber additive”

Application No.:201410148958.5


Project V:RE Sulfide Monocrystal


Our company is currently working on the study of monocrystal rare earth sulfide and its application

in semiconductor devices

The special electronic structure and electronic energy level of rare earth elements ( particularity of 4f

electronic track filled and empty d orbital existence), provides a variety of channels and lively chemical

properties , so as that it has many special properties of electrical and magnetic, optical properties, high

mechanical strength, material stable performance, high thermal conductivity and steady laser.RE elements’

application in the field of optoelectronics, such as solid-state lasers, optical fiber and optical display are

very important , is one of important optoelectronic materials.


The substrate materials used for the doping of rare earth elements are mainly non semiconductor

materials, such as oxides and glass. In recent years, the research on the luminescence of rare

earth doped semiconductors has attracted much attention. The luminescence of rare earth element

erbium is affected little by the matrix lattice . The energy position of the peak is not affected by

the excitation power and the ambient temperature. In the future, the research on the application

of erbium doped silicon luminescence has attracted people's attention as the applicaltion in optical

fibre communication and optoelektronische Integration


Our company based in Baotou ,takes rich rare earth resources as raw materials ,makes use of the

special characteristics of rare earth elements, and combines the photoelectric tube material components’

application to research the rare earth sulfide single electron tube components and research to improve

the heat resistant strength ,thermal stability , oxidation resistance,mechanical properties,sensitivity ,

accuracy and precision so ase to realize integration and display functions


Electronic components is expensive and can not be replaced.RE sulfide additives of electronic

components solve the problems exsist for many years ,so application prospect is infinite and economic

benefits is remarkable. The application potential of rare-earth sulfide has been improved greatly

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